Alta Irrigation District

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Just as Alta Irrigation District was starting its 2020 water run, treated effluent overflowed from the Orange Cove wastewater treatment plant into the still-dry East Branch Canal. The District was forced to delay water deliveries via that canal, which is the primary surface water conveyance facility for lands located east of Hill Avenue. In the meantime, Orange Cove reported the incident to the Regional Water Quality Control Board, which mandated clean-up and disinfectant actions by that city. On July 9th, that Board issued a written notice to the city approving its cleanup effort. On that same day, Alta Irrigation District implemented a two-stage water delivery program that filled eastside ditches by the morning of July 11th. Water run operations are now proceeding as they normally do, and the District will stay this course until such time it is necessary to implement a staggered ramp down, which will address delayed startup of portions of system. For additional information about this year’s water run, please visit