Alta Irrigation District

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Despite abnormally low, not lowest on record, local precipitation totals for the Central Valley, the combination of
precipitation in the Kings River watershed and favorable runoff conditions are the reasons for the 2022 water run.
Based on available water resources information, this year’s water run is anticipated to last about 5 weeks with Kings
River water flowing into the Alta Main on Monday, June 13th. Since many ditches were offline for about 20 months,
diversions from the Kings River will gradually increase over the next 5 days to minimize the potential of a breach.
This ramp-up period will also provide District staff the flexibility needed to deal with illegally dumped material that will
be transported down canals during the initial wet-up.

Water allocations will be available to lands with an entitlement category greater than or equal to 25%; “Groundwater
Only” lands will not receive an allotment this water run. Entitlement for 100% land is currently 1 cubic foot per
second (cfs) per 20 acres for 2 days during a 16-day irrigation cycle with the number of days prorated for other
entitlement categories (visit for changes to allotment, irrigation cycle, etc.). See table below for a
summary of allotments by entitlement category. Alta Irrigation District will apply its standard volumetric water charge
of $4.75 per acre-foot to any water diverted from its ditches, and where applicable, levy a $3.00. per acre-foot
surcharge. Water deliveries to parcels may begin Tuesday, June 14th or anytime thereafter. So, contact your be placed on the delivery schedule for your area.

Entitlement Category Allotment
100% 1 cfs per 20 acres for 2 days
75% 1 cfs per 20 acres for 1.5 days
50% 1 cfs per 20 acres for 1 days
25% 1 cfs per 20 acres for 0.5 days
Groundwater Only None


Ditchtenders are available from 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. to take water orders and they can be reached by calling phone
numbers listed below. If you do not remember your ditchtender’s phone number, refer to the table below. Any
maintenance issues on ditch(es) serving your property should be reported to Steve Barnett immediately and he can
be reached at (559) 805–7524. Please leave a detailed message about the maintenance issue(s) and identify
nearest cross streets or turnout.

Ditchtender Area Ditchtender Phone Number General Service Area
B Christine (559) 805-7511 Alta Main/Mt. Campbell
H Christine (559) 805-7511 Reedley Main
I Rudy (559) 805-7512 Buttonwillow
J Jeramiah (559) 805-7513 California
K Raul G (559) 805-7514 Caesar/McBriar
M Raul H (559) 805-7515 Dinuba Town/Wilson/Kennedy
O Vincent (559) 805-7516 Monson/Carey Hunter
T Juancarlos (559) 805-7518 Bowhay/Clements/Tout
W Alex (559) 805-7520 Clough/McClanahan/King
X Joel (559) 805-7510 Button/Banks/Sontag






Please contact the District office at (559) 591-0800 if you have any questions about this year’s water run.