Alta Irrigation District

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MISSION STATEMENT:  To protect Alta Irrigation District’s surface water rights and groundwater authority, easements and facilities along with utilizing all available water resources for the betterment of the District.

Adopted May 16th, 2007

OBJECTIVE:  Plan, monitor and provide incentives to support the District’s groundwater and surface water conjunctive use program;

OBJECTIVE:  Plan, monitor and implement a program to evaluate and address water quality issues (surface and groundwater) within the District.

STRATEGY:  Develop a funding strategy that provides for a diversified revenue stream. The goal is to generate one-third of the District’s revenue from non-agricultural related water delivery programs. This would allow the District to (i) fund and implement water conservation programs and upgrade District facilities, (ii) address water quality exchanges to meet urban drinking water standards, and (iii) provide incentive pricing to support and maintain agricultural surface water deliveries.

OBJECTIVE:  To protect the District’s facilities and mitigate all costs associated with storm water impacts.

STRATEGY:  Develop a comprehensive program to evaluate and mitigate financial and water quality impacts from storm water.

OBJECTIVE:  To enhance the general public’s knowledge of the District’s regional role as a water resource agency;

OBJECTIVE:  To promote, educate and inform the general public and policy maker’s role about the importance of surface water for agricultural and urban deliveries and groundwater quality and quantity.

STRATEGY:  To facilitate landowner, local, state and federal agency information sharing utilizing a web site.