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Bill Pay Options

Please contact the Alta Irrigation District Tax Collector at the number below to process a credit card payment over the phone.
This is a fee-based service. A convenience fee of 4% applied to all credit card transactions.

A returned check fee of $25.00 will be added to your tax bill for any payment returned for any reason. If returned after the delinquent date, the Alta Irrigation District Tax Collector must charge the penalties required by state law.


Alta Irrigation District

289 N. L Street

Dinuba, CA 93618

Ph: 559-591-0800

Fax: 559-591-5190

End of the 2018 Water Run for Alta Irrigation District

For Immediate Release

Dinuba, CA - Alta Irrigation District's 2018 water run will end Tuesday, August 28th  as remaining water behind Pine Flat Dam is needed for environmental purposes on the Kings River and other prior commitments. 

Contact Person: Stan Sasaki, (559) 805-7522 

5% Entitlement Groundwater Only- NO Water Demands

As of Monday, August 20, 2018, 5% Entitlement - Groundwater Only parcels will NO LONGER be allowed to make water demands. 

If you have any questions please call Stan at 559-805-7522

2018 Water Run **UPDATE**

Alta Irrigation District Sets Allotment Schedule for 2018 Water Run **UPDATED** as of 7/1/2018

Alta Irrigation District Board of Directors took action approving the following Allotment for the 2018 Water Run at a Special Board Meeting held on May 16, 2018.  District staff was authorized to adjust the entitlement and irrigation schedules, as needed, to protect the integrity of the ditches and to adapt to changes in weather patterns, runoff forecast, and storage in Pine Flat Lake.  Entitlement for 100% lands was set for 4 days per 20 acres at 1 cfs with the number of days prorated based on entitlement category.  See table below for a summary of allotments by entitlement category. 

Entitlement Category



4 days per 20 acres at 1 cfs


3 days per 20 acres at 1 cfs


2 days per 20 acres at 1 cfs


1 day per 20 acres at 1 cfs

Groundwater Only 

1 day per 20 acres at 1 cfs *

 * Groundwater Only allotmment is subject to change; check website for updates.

Ditchtenders will be available to take water orders on May 17.  Please refer to postcards from Alta Irrigation District for information about the ditch serving your property, ditchtender’s phone number, and turnout number.  Contact Stan Sasaki, Superintendent, at (559) 805-7522 if there are maintenance issues on the ditch(es) serving your property; please leave a detailed message. 

Volumetric Surcharges will begin on May 17 for any water diverted from ditches.  Below is a tabular summary of water charges, by entitlement category, for the 2018 Water Run. 

Entitlement Category

Water Charge

25% to 100%

$4.75 per acre-foot

Groundwater Only

$7.75 per acre-foot

                                                                            Note(s): 1. Groundwater Only charge consist of a $4.75 per acre-foot base charge plus a $3.00 per acre-foot surcharge.

If there are any further questions about Water Run, please contact the District office at (559) 591-0800, extension 10.




May 3, 2017

Kings River Water Available to Landowners in Alta Irrigation District Ahead of Water Run

Dinuba, CA – Above normal precipitation and record snowfall within the Kings River watershed during March and April resulted in above-average entitlement for Alta Irrigation District that must be used to make more space available behind Pine Flat Dam for additional runoff from the high country. In response to this bountiful supply, Alta Irrigation District has and continues to bring Kings River water into its system for direct use. Although water run is not scheduled to start until May 17th, this water is available to landowners on an “as-is” basis and available at no cost through May 16th. Ditchtenders will not be managing water prior to May 17th; however, water orders can be placed starting May 14th or anytime thereafter. Periodically visit Alta Irrigation District’s website ( or office for updates on this pre-water run and official water run.

Contact Person: Stan Sasaki, (559) 591-0800