Alta Irrigation District

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This month, the Alta Irrigation District Board Meeting will be held on May 17th 2017 at 1:00 PM, at 289 North L Street, Dinuba CA 93618.


Water Run Begins May 1, 2017

Alta Irrigation District Sets Start Date for 2017 Water Run

Dinuba – At its regular meeting on April 13, the Alta Irrigation District Board of Directors took action approving May 1 as the start date for the 2017 Water Run.   District staff was also authorized to adjust the entitlement and irrigation schedules, as needed, to protect the integrity of the ditches and to adapt to changes in weather patterns, runoff forecast, and storage in Pine Flat Lake.  Entitlement for 100% lands was set for 3 days per 20 acres at 1 cfs with the number of days prorated based on entitlement category (visit for updates).  See table below for a summary of allotments by entitlement category. 

Entitlement Category



3 days per 20 acres at 1 cfs


2.25 days per 20 acres at 1 cfs


1.5 days per 20 acres at 1 cfs


0.75 days per 20 acres at 1 cfs

Groundwater Only

0.75 days per 20 acres at 1 cfs

Ditchtenders will be available to take water orders on May 1.  Please refer to postcards from Alta Irrigation District for information about the ditch serving your property, ditchtender’s phone number, and turnout number.  Postcards are scheduled to be mailed the week of April 16.  Contact Javier Cavazos, Superintendent, at (559) 591-4203 if there are maintenance issues on the ditch(es) serving your property; please leave a detailed message. 

Volumetric Surcharges will begin on May 1 for any water diverted from ditches.  Below is a tabular summary of water charges, by entitlement category, for the 2017 Water Run. 

Entitlement Category

Water Charge

25% to 100%

$4.75 per acre-foot

Groundwater Only

$7.75 per acre-foot

                                                                            Note(s): 1. Groundwater Only charge consist of a $4.75 per acre-foot base charge plus a $3.00 per acre-foot surcharge.


If there are any further questions about the upcoming 2017 Water Run, please contact the District office at (559) 591-0800.


Media Contact

Chad Wegley    |   559.591.0800 x13


March 24, 2017

Kings River Flood Water Available to Landowners in Alta Irrigation District

Dinuba, CA – Above normal precipitation and record snowfall within the Kings River watershed, prompted Alta Irrigation District to bring water into its system for groundwater recharge (in-channel and at existing basins).  In addition to recharge, Alta Irrigation District Board of Directors authorized staff to make Kings River flood water available to users on an, “as is” basis.  Flood water diverted by users, will not be scheduled or charged for water used during this period.  Since irrigation ditches within Alta Irrigation District have the potential to be inundated by uncontrolled run-off from rainfall events in the foothills to the east, diversion of flood water from the Kings River may be curtailed to free up capacity within ditches; flood control is the responsibility of the Counties of Fresno and Tulare, not Alta Irrigation District.  The Board of Directors will consider extending the period flood water is available, at the April 13th Board meeting.

Contact Person:  Javier Cavazos, (559) 591-4203

Kings River East GSA

Notice of Public Meeting

Kings River East Groundwater Sustainability Agency (KSRGSA) is now holding regularly scheduled meetings. The meetings are held, the third (3rd) Thursday of each month.

 Date:               Third (3rd) Thursday of each month (unless otherwise notified)

Time:               2:00 PM

Location:         Dinuba City Hall 

                        405 E. El Monte Avenue

                        Dinuba, CA 93618


On Friday, September 16, 2016, Governor Jerry Brown signed SB 37 (Vidak) into law.

SB 37 authorizes the implementation of the Kings River East Groundwater Sustainability Agency (“GSA”). The GSA will have three years to develop a groundwater sustainability plan for the area east of the Kings River.  The new agency will comprise 177,000 acres and will be effective January 2017.

By legislative authority, the board will be made up of seven voting categories each having one vote.  The seven voting categories are as follows:  Alta Irrigation District, County of Fresno, County of Tulare, Cities, agricultural water districts, drinking water local agencies and production agriculture. 

Contact Person (Chad Wegley at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.)




Water Run 2016 Ends 8/23/2016

Water Run 2016 is scheduled to end August 23, 2016.