Alta Irrigation District

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CHRIS KAPHEIM - Alta Irrigation District

Chris Kapheim, General Manager of Alta Irrigation District, just south of Fresno, describes the district's pricing and conjunctive use policies. About 10 years ago, the district adopted a volumetric water pricing structure, charging farmers based on the quantity of water delivered. This program has helped encourage conservation and efficiency - it has also led to more fiscal stability and equitable cost allocation, according to Kapheim. In addition, the district conjunctively manages its surface and groundwater to reduce groundwater pumping and increase groundwater recharge in wet years so that this resource is available in dry years.

Depth and Groundwater Measurements

Depth to groundwater measurements will take place in November 2011.  Alta Irrigation District will include the current groundwater measurements in the fall groundwater map.  The Fall 2011 groundwater map can be viewed on Alta Irrigation District’s web site (

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